Mobile Web Bible

Mobile Web Bible

WAIT! Before you leave, this isn't only a web application. The beauty of this application is that it can be copied onto your phone and run as a local browser application. That means that this is a cross platform bible application that will run on any of the modern generation of phones with web browsers which have javascript support. Your simple cross platform mobile bible program is now here!

Now, before I build it up any further, remember this is simply a bible reading application. If your phone has a browser then it will render whatever bible versions you can get electronically and that your phone provides a font for. Also, it will work in your desktop web browser.


  1. A phone with a browser which supports javascript. My phone is the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic but others will work (let me know). You can try it out online by visiting here.
  2. If you wish to use Greek or Hebrew then you need to be able to install custom fonts on your phone. The fonts I use are the Galatia SIL unicode font for greek and the Ezra SIL unicode font for Hebrew. On some symbian (Nokia) phones the fonts can be installed by copying them to the C:\Data\Fonts directory on the phone and restarting the phone.

Install, etc

There are three options for using this software.
  1. The version which uses free biblical texts (from Unbound Bible) is available here. Remember this version requires online web access, which is fine if you have generous data allowances on your phone.
  2. The free text version can also be 'installed' by simply downloading the html files in a zip file and extracting the files to your phone. Then using the phones file browser or web browser navigate to the index.html file which has been copied into place. You will need around 30Mb of space to use this technique as HTML is not a efficient file format but it is convenient and memory card space is cheap and available these days.
  3. Build your own version of the mobile bible to copy on to your phone. This is the best option if you have access to your own biblical texts or you simply want to customise which versions you want available on your phone. Download the to obtain the files and run the perl build script (perl You will need perl on your computer to run it. The sample file formats in the freeversions directory show you the data file format. (For example from BibleWorks you may simply export a bible version database to a rtf file, then open it in OpenOffice and export it again as utf8 encoded text. Alternatively, the script will convert an unbound bible text file into the required format for This way is the most flexible but will require a higher computer ability. Feel free to contact me if you are having problems with this option.

Usage instructions

Using the bible is straight forward. Select a Book, then optionally, chapter and verse. Click the button to change the current Bible version. To move forward by one chapter click this button . To move forward by a book click this button or select the book icon to choose a new book. The other buttons operate similarily. Note at the bottom of each chapter the navigation buttons are replicated.

Future versions, support, etc

This is not intended to be a major piece of software. It plugs a gap I have found in accessing original language biblical content offline. It is a simple interface which just works for me and should work for most modern phones. I am looking to add a Strongs lookup feature for the biblical texts some time in the future when my Bible College load allows it. You may contact me via email (veitchjason AT to ask for assistance and you are always welcome to donate using paypal to support hosting costs and further development. The code has been made freely available and you are free to use it provided you make your changes available for others, including me.

If you have found this useful I would also love to know, so drop me a line. Regards, In Christ, Jason.