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Salvation is a free gift from God to everyone who believes in His son Jesus Christ.

All of humanity has sinned against God.

The wages of our sin is death.

We all deserve to die and be punished for our sins eternally.

However, God wanted to save all humanity from eternal punishment...

Good News!

To save humanity from our sins, God sent His only son Jesus Christ.

A young woman named Mary, who was a virgin, gave birth to Jesus Christ.

Jesus went around doing many miracles, healing the sick, and casting out demons with a word.

He preached, 'Repent for the kingdom of God has drawn near,' and taught people how to live as children of God.

However, evil men rose up against Jesus and had him publicly executed on a cross.

His body was buried inside a tomb.

Three days later, Jesus was raised from the dead and seen by many witnesses.

He is still alive today in heaven and will soon return to earth.

Jesus died for our sins to be forgiven.

To receive eternal life we must believe in Jesus Christ, forgive others, and turn away from our own sins.

To learn how to share the gospel and lead people to Jesus, check out the resource below:

How to Share the Gospel

The resource above was created by Hamilton and Helena Filmalter. You can give to their ministry and learn more at

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